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Welcome to the The Gaming Stuff!

This website is a collection of thoughts and experiences with PC gaming and PC building. This website aims to tell gaming and PC building experiences to other enthusiasts, both new and veterans in the industry.

About Josh

I am your average PC enthusiast and gamer who enjoys PC building and learning about the latest technology in computers. I worked as a product reviewer at proclockers.com for six years, a tech site that went offline in 2022 and now redirects to a different website. Being in the tech industry as a writer and reviewer for several years has taught me many things, not just the products but also the relationships between the media and partners. For this website of mine, I want to capture and relay my exact experience without holding back or being pressured by deadlines – to truly put out what needs to be said and needs to be heard by would-be buyers and manufacturers. We won’t be delivering results from advanced scientific testing methodologies, just an honest experience from an average user.

My Rating

Gold Award: Exceptional – 95%~100%

A standing ovation! An award reserved for products that I deemed highly recommended or a must-have. Products that, for me, are well above its class.

Silver Award: Above Average – 85~95%

Two thumbs up! Products that did well and are recommendable among the competition.

Recommended: Average – 75~85%

A thumbs up! Recommendable but there are many options in the market that would likely offer better value.

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For press release support, hardware review requests, collaborations, and other concerns, please contact josh@thegamingstuff.com

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